Creating Animated Product Demo Video for an ESG Accounting Platform

As a product designer at Combine Venture Builders with an experience in motion graphics and animation, I was tasked to create a demo video showcasing features and use cases of Agora, an ESG accounting SaaS product we built with Agora Labs.

Agora Product Demo Video

The primary goal was to create a product demo video that effectively communicated the features and benefits of Agoras' potential customers while being visually appealing and remaining informative and easy to follow.

Agora Product Demo Dashboard Reveal

To start the project, we analyzed the current dashboard to identify areas that required improvement to enhance the user experience. The redesign was done in Figma and moved designs to Framer and After Effects for animation purposes.

Agora Product Demo Visual Exploration

The result is a high-quality product demo video that effectively communicates the benefits of Agora Labs' ESG accounting SaaS to potential customers. The video is engaging, visually appealing, and easy to follow, making it an effective tool for driving customer acquisition and increasing brand awareness.

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